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Osteopathy is the combined application of manual therapy which recognizes the important link between the structure of the body and the way it functions.

Conditions We could help with

Any injury that arises from physical recreation, exercise or training counts as a sports injury.

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Our experienced, fully-trained osteopaths have been providing osteopathy consultations in Williamstown for over 20 years.

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Dr mike stowe Osteopath and owner

Initially I had a big interest in personal training and fitness, after working in this field for a few years I decided to study osteopathy as a mature age student.

Why osteopathy – it was not widely known in Australia when first studying at VUT as one of the first in VUT campus. The appealing thing was its diversity in its approach to treating the body.

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Hobsons Bay Osteo

Activate Your Body with Osteopathy

As our name suggests, Hobsons Bay Osteopathy are the leading osteopaths in Hobsons Bayservicing locals in suburbs such as Newport, Altona and Williamstown. Drawing on over 20 years of experience, the osteos at our Hobsons Bay clinic have the skills to provide a tailored approach to the care we provide.

Our hands-on techniques can be used to treat musculoskeletal issues related to sports injuries, trauma, tendinitis, back pain and more. These techniques stimulate the body’s own healing process, allowing for reduced pain, faster recovery time and muscle maintenance.

At Hobsons Bay Osteopathy, your healing continues long after your consultation, with advice for ongoing pain management being given to all clients.

As the leading Hobsons Bay osteo clinic, our team of fully qualified can assist you with unlocking your body’s full potential. Book a consultation on our website or call our team on  03 9399 9441  to begin your recovery.

Soothing Pain at our Headache Clinic in Hobsons Bay

We understand that persistent headaches can take a toll on your daily life. At our headache clinic in Hobsons Bay, we acknowledge that headaches, especially migraines, are more than just pain in the head. They can be symptomatic of stress, fatigue, sinusitis, and vision problems.

With an in-depth understanding of the causes of headaches, our headache specialists use osteopathic techniques to alleviate pain and address the underlying issues. By doing so, we not only lessen your current headache but also lower the chances of future occurrences.

Say goodbye to the constant discomfort and regain control of your life with the help of our headache clinic in Hobsons Bay.

Healing your Neck Pain in Hobsons Bay

Neck pain causes not only physical discomfort but can disrupt your productivity and quality of life. We can resolve your neck pain at Hobsons Bay Osteopathy, whether it’s caused by poor posture, overuse, sports injury, or even stress.

Our osteopaths will evaluate your neck pain’s source through a series of comprehensive physical examinations. Depending on the severity and cause of your neck pain, various techniques can be used to soothe your suffering, such as gentle manipulation, mobilisation, soft-tissue massage, shockwave therapy, or dry-needling.

Don’t let neck pain hamper you from living your life to the fullest. Let us at Hobsons Bay Osteopathy help you recover and reclaim a pain-free lifestyle.

Unleashing Optimum Wellness with Osteopath Services in Hobsons Bay

At Hobsons Bay Osteopathy, we believe that your body has an intrinsic ability to heal and regulate itself. As your trusted osteopath in Hobsons Bay, our role is to facilitate and enhance this process. We have an array of manual therapy techniques, including manipulation, mobilisation, soft-tissue massage, and dry needling, which we customise to provide comprehensive osteopathic care. Our dedicated team of osteopaths views everyone as unique, creating a tailor-made therapeutic plan based on your distinct physical attributes, lifestyle, and health objectives.

Our osteopaths understand that the human body is an interconnected system, so we delve deep to uncover the root cause of the issue rather than just alleviating the symptoms. This holistic approach aids in restoring your health and preventing future recurrences of such ailments.

Enjoy the benefits of having an osteopath from Hobsons Bay as your partner in health. It’s time for you to enjoy a pain-free, active, and prosperous life under the expert care of Hobsons Bay Osteopathy.

Why Choose Hobsons Bay Osteopathy for Osteopath Services in Hobsons Bay?

Selecting Hobsons Bay Osteopathy as your partner in health guarantees a professional and personalized approach towards your well-being. Our osteos in Hobsons Bay are:

Explore our osteopath services or treatments, experience the difference, and book an appointment today at our Hobsons Bay clinic or call us at 03 9399 9441. For a Hobsons Bay osteo that respects and understands your needs, Hobsons Bay Osteopathy is the ultimate choice.