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  • Mon-Thu: 8:30am - 7:30pm | Fri: 9am - 6pm | Sat: 8am - 3pm
  • Parking Free Parking Available
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Dr Mike Stowe

Principal practitioner /Director at Hobsons Bay Osteopathy Pty Ltd.

After a career in the gym and fitness industry as instructor/ personal trainer Mike Stowe started up Hobsons Bay Osteopathy in picturesque Williamstown 1999.

Why Williamstown?

Having completed a 5-year Degree in Applied science and Master in Osteopathy at Victoria university I saw a need to introduce osteopathy to the local community as the best way of treating an injured or distressed body. Mike loved the community spirit of “getting on with life” in Williamstown locals and with its beautiful views, historic background there was and still is a community keen to be involved in local sport and activities. Golf, cricket, swimming, yachting, football, soccer, cycling or dog walking is prevalent in this area. There are a lot of areas in Hobsons Bay district for which we are close and accessible.

What have you learned in the 24+ years of treating?

At Hobsons Bay Osteopathy I endorse the motto to keep moving and set achievable goals to meet everyday life demands. A patient can present with different challenges in injuries and mindset. Osteopathy is designed to work within an individual and while some may be similar on any given day it can shift with life challenges, and osteopathy allows the practitioner to move with them. Treatment is designed to encourage healing within the body, manage changes, ease into recovery and then ongoing prevention of further injury is paramount in Osteopathy as in life.

What do you find the most effective approach to treating?

Diagnosis, treatment plan and compliance. Healing in the body is created by stimulating blood flow and with the use of osteopathic manual techniques, dry needling, shock wave therapy, and exercise prescription we can improve treatment outcomes. Osteopathy is a personalised and holistic approach to treating and working with the body it considers your lifestyle, activity levels, genetics, age, work and life demands on the body while working within your pain threshold. A positive experience is the motivation for practitioners and their patients, to get the best results and benefits from attending the clinic.

What is most rewarding in your career?

Hobsons Bay Osteopathy has allowed me to have a positive life in caring for those in the community. The connection with my patient’s as they travel through their life’s journey and being with them through the good and bad is a privilege. I’ve treated pregnant women through their pregnancy and then treating that baby through their basketball journey in their teens. I’ve supported people through their marathon or cycling journey, guided young athletes, assisted after surgeries, treated and diagnosed many different conditions. Having an Osteopath in your life regularly as part of fitness and lifestyle program provides you and your body with support in all life cycles, we can also pick up things unusual for you and refer for investigations, work in with other practitioners and guide you to further assistance.
We spend ½ hr with our patients and that’s amazing care in this day of busy healthcare.
I have also enjoyed supporting and mentoring many new grads and osteopaths in the time I’ve had the practise, and all have continued to establish great careers. All my practitioners are dedicated to achieving the best results and experience for our patients.

What’s your life plan?

Make time for family and holidays. Participate in life today and give everything your best. Don’t sweat the small stuff.

Time out of work?

I enjoy cycling, gym training and walking our dog in all the local dog walking areas. As a qualified sports trainer I have volunteered at the local footy and cricket clubs for our son;s teams. I’ve become a member of the local yacht club to enjoy the incredible view with a cold beverage and great company. You will see me out dining locally or CBD trying the endless recommendations I get through my patients.