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Injury Prevention
  • calendar July 8, 2020
Injury prevention
Dr Jay Paton

Since the beginning of isolation lots of people have taken up running to maintain some fitness and ease stress or boredom. Running is a great activity...

Blog Del Img
  • calendar November 23, 2018
Know Your Headaches
Dr Nick Crameri (Osteopath)

Be it via University/ High School exams or just a busy lead up to Christmas, late November can see a rise in the frequency and intensity of headaches....

Shoulder Pain And The Spine
  • calendar September 13, 2018
Shoulder Pain and the Spine
Dr Nick Crameri (Osteopath)

Shoulder pain prevalence ranks second only to low back pain (84%) and on equal footing with neck pain (66%). Be it with throwing sports like cricket, ...

R U Ok
  • calendar September 22, 2017
R U OK Day – The Link Between Mental and Physical Health

Considering R U OK Day has just past us by, what better time to shed some light on the interplay between mental health and the musculoskeletal system....

Osteopathy Vs Chiropractic Approaches
  • calendar August 2, 2017
Osteopathy vs Chiropractic Approaches

Whilst they share a lot in common, there are subtle differences between the osteopathic and chiropractic approaches. Below we look at them main simila...

Is Stress Affecting Your Body
  • calendar July 26, 2017
Is stress affecting your body?

Stress occurs when there is an imbalance between the demands being put on us and our ability to cope with those demands. People deal with stress diffe...

The (osteo)path To The Grand Final – Secrets For Success This Footy Season
  • calendar June 28, 2017
The (Osteo)path to the Grand Final – Secrets for success this footy season

Movement Prep – The right way to warm up Movement prep is a concept that has been floating around for a few years now. It essentially involves a spe...

What Swimming Can Do For You
  • calendar May 24, 2017
What swimming can do for you

As the weather gets colder, we’re less likely to want to exercise outdoors. So why don’t you find your local pool and head down for a swim instead...

Jet Lag And Deep Vein Thrombosis (dvt)
  • calendar May 18, 2017
Jet lag and Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT)
By Dr Bec Ellul

With our beautiful sunburnt country being so far away from the rest of the globe, we are often forced to voyage thousands of kilometers acro...

Look At Your Child Right Now!!!
  • calendar May 11, 2017
Look at your child right now!!!

Whether they’re a hormone exuding teen, or a monstrous mite, there is a fair chance, as you cast your gaze over them that they are sitting with poor...

I Love And Need My Morning Coffee, But Is It Really Good For You
  • calendar May 4, 2017
I love and need my morning coffee, but is it really good for you?
By Dr Mike Stowe

There has been plenty of hype about the health benefits of coffee, particularly after a new study by Harvard University has declared that drinkin...

Running With Hip Pain
  • calendar April 26, 2017
Running with hip pain

Running can be an enjoyable sport providing a sense of freedom in fast movement. However, there are many pain conditions that can result in frustratio...

The (osteo)path To The Grand Final
  • calendar April 24, 2017
The (Osteo)path to the Grand Final

Let me open by saying my own personal aspirations for kicking game winners after the siren ended with the realisation there was just no room for a slo...

Do You Keep Rolling Your Ankle
  • calendar April 6, 2017
Do you keep rolling your ankle?

One of the most common sporting injuries is ankle sprains. These are most likely to affect the ligaments on the outside of the foot. Which is most com...

How A Pillow Plays An Important Role During Your Sleep
  • calendar February 13, 2017
How a Pillow Plays an Important Role During Your Sleep

In general, getting an adequate amount of sleep is an important factor for living a healthy life. Getting enough quality sleep will require the indivi...

What Conditions Can Be Treated With Dry Needling
  • calendar January 30, 2017
What Conditions Can Be Treated With Dry Needling?

Dry needling can relieve a range of musculoskeletal problems through the insertion of needles into taut and contracted muscles, or trigger points, wit...

Standing Vs. Sitting Which Is Best
  • calendar January 23, 2017
Standing vs. Sitting: Which Is Best?

One of the new trends in office design is the standing desk. The goal of these standing desks is to get people to sit less. Some authors have gone so ...

Misdiagnosing Foot, Ankle Injuries May Lead To Chronic Pain
  • calendar January 16, 2017
Misdiagnosing Foot, Ankle Injuries May Lead to Chronic Pain

Clinicians should always err on the side of caution during an initial diagnosis for foot or ankle injuries, new research suggests. These injuries acco...

Study Finds Running Lowers Knee Joint Inflammation
  • calendar January 9, 2017
Study Finds Running Lowers Knee Joint Inflammation

Running decreases knee intra-articular cytokine and cartilage oligomeric matrix concentrations: a pilot study Introduction Regular exercise protects a...

Anti Inflammatory Drugs ‘no Better Than Placebo’ For Back Pain Study
  • calendar January 1, 2017
Anti-inflammatory drugs ‘no better than placebo’ for back pain: study

Popular anti-inflammatory drugs, such as ibuprofen, have little impact on lower back and neck pain, an Australian study has found. A senior research f...