Running can be an enjoyable sport providing a sense of freedom in fast movement. However, there are many pain conditions that can result in frustration by impairing this movement.

Two common hip injuries are impingement and muscle tendinopathy. These conditions are both very common, very debilitating and very treatable through therapy, rehabilitation and education about the nature of the injury.

These are conditions that frequently do not recover until the symptoms and underlying causes of the injury are addressed. Without treatment it is common for these to last indefinitely for many years. They can become debilitating, chronic and degenerative; at this late point in time the effectiveness of treatment is more limited. So, look out the for symptoms, control them early and keep running.

Clinical considerationsHip impingementMuscle tendinopathy
Who does it affect and what activities aggravate it?Long distance runners,
rowers, people crouching, lunging and twisting through the hips a lot
Runners and people on their feet all day
Where does it hurt?Typically, the front of the upper thigh near the groin region
Outer hip
What does it feel like?
Deep joint pain, gnawing, sharp, locking, catching, cannot walk properly, aweful!
Burning, tight muscle, tearing pain
What age group is commonly affected?
Starts in early 30’s
Starts in 40’s
Does it fix itself?
Not usually, until the underlying cause of the injury is addressed
Not usually, until the underlying cause of the injury is addressed
Who does it affect?
Men and women
Most frequently women
Why does it happen
Muscle imbalance
Bone structure
Cartilage erosion or cartilage tear
Muscle weakness

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