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What is Tendonitis (a.k.a. Tendinitis)?

What is Tendonitis (a.k.a. Tendinitis)?


Sore joints? Aching limbs?

Our tendons are the tough fibres that connect our muscles and bones, responsible for smooth and easy body movements. These tendons, however, can experience wear and tear due to repetitive tendon overloading. This might include playing sports such as tennis or golf, or doing repetitive movements as part of your job.

When this occurs, the resulting symptoms are referred to as tendonitis. These symptoms often include a dull ache which becomes more noticeable when moving the affected limb or joint, tenderness and swelling.

Stop Tendonitis In Its Tracks

When Do You Need Tendonitis Treatment?

Tendonitis can become debilitating, preventing you from enjoying your favourite hobbies or doing your job comfortably. Athletes are especially prone to developing knee and Achilles tendinitis, which can prevent them from achieving their personal and professional goals. If you have tried self-care measures but are still experiencing pain or discomfort several days later, it is necessary to seek professional help.

Osteopathy has been proven to be effective in treating tendonitis by promoting the body’s own healing processes. Osteopathic techniques are used to reduce the inflammation at the site and prevent recurrence. Posture, joint stability, ergonomics and techniques when lifting or moving will all be looked at by our osteopaths to reduce the chance of an injury occurring again. Soft tissue techniques, joint mobilisation and at-home stretching recommendations may also be provided to ensure restored mobility.

Whether you have been experiencing Achilles tendinitis or knee tendinitis, Williamstown residents need look no further than Hobsons Bay Osteopathy.

The Tendonitis Relief Specialists

Get Tendonitis Pain Relief at our Williamstown Clinic

Hobsons Bay Osteopathy provide specialised tendonitis pain relief at our Williamstown clinic, targeting knee, elbow and Achilles tendinitis. Williamstown residents looking for pain relief, restored mobility and reduced chance of recurring injuries can be sure they are in safe hands at Hobsons Bay Osteopath, the clinic that has been serving Hobsons Bay for over 20 years.