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Neck Pain Causes & Symptons

Got A Pain In The Neck?

Neck pain is extremely common in our overworked, fast-paced society, with many of us working demanding jobs or spending several hours a day with our necks craned over our laptop or phone. Aside from these common causes, neck pain can also be caused by a sports injury, whiplash, degenerative disc disease or poor positioning of the neck while asleep.

Neck pain can leave sufferers with a stiff feeling in their necks, shooting pain, tingling, limited mobility, a frozen feeling or even difficulty with lifting heavy objects. If left to worsen, neck pain can contribute to headaches, lower back pain and facial pain. For optimal quality of life, it’s essential to effectively treat the cause of your neck pain as well as the presenting symptoms.

Holistic Osteopathy For Neck Pain Relief

Our Approach to Neck Pain Relief

It can often be difficult to determine the cause of your neck pain, as so many seemingly-innocent daily activities like spending time at our desks or on our phones can put pressure on the neck. The osteopaths at Hobsons Bay Osteopathy examine the body as a whole to determine areas under stress, thereby being able to provide an accurate diagnosis.

By using a holistic approach that includes manual manipulation, massage and dry needling, to name just a few of our techniques, our osteopaths can ease your neck pain and prevent it from exacerbating in the future. We will also provide you with at-home exercises, stretches and posture adjustments you can make to reduce the strain on your neck.

Those looking for treatment for their neck pain in Williamstown need look no further than Hobsons Bay Osteopathy – contact our friendly team today on (03) 9399 9441 to treat your neck pain.