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Knee Pain Symptons & Treatment


Is Your Knee Pain Holding You Back from Doing What You Love?

Knee pain is a common affliction faced by people from all walks of life, from professional athletes to elderly sufferers of osteoarthritis. There can be numerous contributing factors behind knee pain, such as the breakdown of cartilage, tendonitis, bursitis or a sports injury.

Other issues that are associated with knee pain include swelling, trouble putting weight on the knee, restricted mobility, and knees buckling or locking. If left to worsen, knee pain can become debilitating, potentially preventing you from walking and moving around freely. This means that if your knee pain persists for more than a few days, you are best off visiting your GP or osteopath as soon as possible.

Osteopathy is highly regarded as being effective in treating knee pain, regardless of what triggered the pain in the first place. The hands-on techniques used by our osteopaths to treat knee pain at our Williamstown clinic can ease your symptoms, while strengthening your body against future damage. Our osteopaths begin with dragonising and identifying the issue to ensure you receive the best possible care, rather than just treating the surface-level symptoms. Techniques such as myofascial release, massage and dry needling are utilised to restore the body’s structure and balance, prompting it to heal itself.

After your consultation, we also provide you with exercises and stretches to do at home to ensure your ongoing recovery. Prevent your knee pain from potentially becoming debilitating by seeking early intervention from Hobsons Bay Osteopathy. Simply contact our friendly team today on (03) 9399 9441 or make a booking online to treat your knee pain.