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Mike Stowe
Principal practitioner/Osteopath at Hobsons Bay Osteopathy since 1999

Initially I was in a gym manager and personal training in the fitness industry. I decided to study Osteopathy to expand my knowledge in the mechanics of healing in the body. Training in weights highlighted what the body could achieve, the changes you can make with strength and conditioning impacts on structural and metabolic health while improving endurance and flexibility can give cardiovascular benefits. However, each present with the different challenges in injury. Healing and prevention of injury is paramount in Osteopathy. Keeping moving is essential for healing. I believe Osteopathy is real and honest in our approach to treating and working with the body. We can take into account your lifestyle, activity levels, genetics, and work demands on the body while working within your pain threshold to apply a treatment plan specific to your needs. I want to keep you moving and active in the activity you enjoy. I also enjoy mentoring all new practitioners who join our team and hold regular meeting to ensure continuity in the delivery of treatments within the clinic. I’m committed to positive experience and results within the clinic.

My Interests – holidays with family, running, gym, and cycling. Recently completed the Melbourne marathon, have participated in various cycling events, including Cadel Evans ride, Amy Gillet ride and Around the bay. Trainer in junior local football team and cricket teams.

Time spent outside work –We spend a lot of time locally, enjoying the lifestyle Williamstown brings.

Life plan – Enjoy the moment, participate in life today and give everything your best. Don’t sweat the small stuff.

Dr. Kirstin Holmes Evans
Dr Kirstin Holmes-Evans

Kirstin graduated in the United Kingdom with a Master of Osteopathy from Leeds Beckett University in 2016.She has an interest in the treatment of Chronic musculoskeletal conditions, which developed from her research project on the treatment of Chronic Low Back Pain.Kirstin’s initial interest in Osteopathy came about by visiting an Osteopath at a young age with swimming injuries. The success of Osteopathy sparked a fascination with the body’s biomechanics and ability to heal itself.Kirstin uses a variety of techniques tailored to individual to aid the body’s healing process and has further training in Dry Needling and Cranial Osteopathy.

Kirstin uses a variety of techniques tailored to individual to aid the body’s healing process and has further training in Dry Needling and Cranial Osteopathy. In her spare time Kirstin is a keen runner and swimmer, and recently started triathlons.

Naomi Stowe
Office Manager

Naomi Stowe is the business partner, clinic manager, naturopath and receptionist.She has in the past ran her own business, worked as a professional trainer in the beauty industry, and studied and practised naturopathy. Naomi wears many caps at Hobsons Bay Osteopathy and tries to be involved in all the runnings of the clinic. She is helpful for additional advice or enquiries regarding natural therapies and nutritional advise.

Over the years has she gained insight on the importance of a presenting a relaxing environment for patients to be treated . Patients attending need to know there is care and consideration in the presentation and running of the practise or business. Naomi strives to keep consistency and reliability in the practise. Organising practitioner meetings for client reviews, keeping staff up to date on changes and interacting with patients offering opportunities to make enquiries openly about any concerns or difficulties they may experience.

Naomi enjoys the opportunity to work with Mike and his associates and believes they have a great team at HBO offering elite and high standard of care and service to all who attend.

Dr Nicholas Crameri

In his 5th year studying Osteopathic medicine at VUT, Nick was an Osteopathic intern at Hobsons Bay Osteopathy under the guidance of Dr Mike Stowe gaining hands on experience in treating and managing patients and we are pleased he has become part of our team.

He has fully graduated, eager to establish a loyal patient base at Hobsons Bay Osteopathy and offers a holistic and complete care approach to his patients.

Nick lives locally in the Hobsons Bay area and has also spent the last 4 years treating and assisting football players at Williamstown CYMS Football Club as a sports trainer. This gave him valuable experience in acute sporting injuries and rehab.

Nick has also gained experience treating and managing patients in India as part of a month-long work experience program within an Orthopedic hospital in Mumbai, allowing Nick to provide the most holistic treatment possible by way of a examination, hands on manual treatment and specified rehabilitative exercise advice.

Outside treating Nick spends has a passion for playing and listening to music, attending as many gigs as possible and leafing through a book.

Dr Rory Mckay

Dr Rory McKay is a senior osteopath associate at Hobsons Bay Osteopathy and has been looking after the health and well-being of patients in the Inner West for the last 4 years.

Originally from the UK, Rory qualified from the British College of Osteopathic Medicine with a Masters Degree in Osteopathy in 2011. Having made the decision to move ‘Down Under’ in 2013 with his fiancée Catherine he has embraced the Australian lifestyle and is currently applying for permanent residency, looking forward to becoming a fully fledged Australian citizen in the future.

To keep fit Rory can be found running around Williamstown three times a week in the early hours of the morning, this dedication to his cardiovascular fitness saw him complete the 2016 Melbourne Marathon. When not running the mornings are spent on his own strength and conditioning in the gym, spotting with principal osteopath Dr Mike Stowe. Rory has always been an avid Tottenham Hotspur fan and plays soccer for a local league soccer team, for which he is currently goalkeeper and awarded M.V.P awards 2017 for Barnstoneworth F.C reserves.

Rory’s knowledge and interest for treating sporting injuries come from his own experience in competing in Rugby, cricket and later Soccer while in England which makes him a great practitioner to treat and rehabilitate your injury and return you to the physical activity you enjoy. He has a great rapport with young sports players too often giving great advise on recovery and maintenance.

Since being in Australia, Rory has added dry needling to his skillset, completing two courses, the second under the tutelage of advanced dry needling international expert Dr Jan Dommerhalt. The needling has added a dynamic dimension to an already strong, structural treatment style, which is underpinned by an extensive knowledge of anatomy and physiology. Applicable to all injuries be it; acute pain, chronic long-term aches or even for preventative measures Rory’s subset of skills and calm, friendly demeanor will leave you feeling confident that you have an experienced and competent practitioner.

Dr. Kristen Mihai
Dr Kristen Mihai

Kristen was first drawn to Osteopathy because of the holistic approach to the body and the difference treatment can make to an individual’s overall health. She is focused on treating the cause of the pain rather than just managing the symptoms to provide long lasting relief for her patients. Kristen enjoys treating a wide range of conditions and uses a variety of treatment techniques and approaches to achieve optimal results. She believes that being strong and active can help with the prevention and re-occurrence of many injuries. Kristen enjoys spending time outdoors hiking and has tackled various tracks in within Australia and abroad.

Dr Rebecca Ellul

Rebecca graduated from Victoria University with a Bachelor of health science (osteopathy) and a Masters of Clinical Science (Osteopathy). Whilst completing her studies Rebecca also gained qualification as a Mat Pilates Instructor in 2013 and concurrently managed a Group Pilates studio in Melbourne while also working closely with a team of experienced Osteopaths in a clinical setting from 2011.

Rebecca is passionate about health and fitness and believes physical activity and education plays a major role in prevention and rehabilitation of not just physical injury but also mental and emotional wellness. Her multifaceted approach to treatment complements the holistic principles of osteopathy. Rebecca is quite structural in her treatment but also pays attention to functional discrepancies, which may be contributing to pain. Rebecca uses a variety of techniques to assist the healing process. These include soft tissue, muscle energy techniques, counterstrain, joint articulation and HVLA amongst others.

In her own time, Rebecca enjoys spending time on her own health and fitness, participating in a variety of activities such at yoga and Pilates, gym sessions and lots of walking. Rebecca also spends time on meditation and indulging in a good book to refresh and recharge. Rebecca treasures her friends and family and is often found catching up with them in a cozy café over a green tea.