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Dentons has been passionately making pillows for over 30 years. Designed and manufactured in Australia all under the roof of family owned parent company Camatic, Dentons uses advanced polyurethane technology to lovingly make a range of premium and innovative pillows for nightly dream states and deeply therapeutic benefits.


Our choice for high-quality, practitioner-only, nutritional and therapeutic supplements from a proudly Australian company. Renowned for manufacturing and delivering high quality integrative medicines to healthcare practitioners, BioCeuticals aims to consistently raise the standards of complementary therapies.


The human foot was designed to adapt to uneven, natural terrain, yet our world has become flatter, harder, and less natural thanks to man-made surfaces, like concrete sidewalks, tile floors, and paved roads. The unique Superfeet insole shape compensates for harder surfaces, and adapts the two-dimensional midsoles built into today’s shoes for a better fit.


Have been servicing the Health Industry since 1985 as a national manufacturer and distributor of prosthetic, orthotic, physiotherapy, occupational therapy and podiatry products, electric physiotherapy and chiropractic couches, and electrotherapy and diagnostic ultrasound equipment.


Rocktape is a premium brand of kinesiology tape. Unlike rigid tape which many people find too stiff and restrictive, Rocktape is stretchy and is quickly becoming the preferred tape by athletes and practitioners

  • Assists to decrease pain
  • Assists to reduce swelling
  • Allows full range of movement
  • Hypoallergenic – no zinc oxide
  • Water resistant – can be worn for up to 5 days


Australian owned supply company for 20 years providing high quality produces, service and advise.

  • Braces
  • Tennis Elbow Strap
  • Heel Lifts
  • Resist-A-Band
  • Patella Tendon Strap
  • Rollers
  • Orthotics
  • Massage Balls
  • Heat Packs
  • Heel Inserts